Short fiction published in New South, 12.1, Spring 2019.

Apple Skin Map

Collage-poem published in PANK, 14, Spring 2019.

New Pedagogy for Sleeplessness

Short fiction published in Fugue, Spring 2019. Read “New Pedagogy for Sleeplessness” here.

On Top of the Mountain

Short fiction published in Passages North, No. 40, Spring 2019.


Poem published in Lambda Literary’s Poetry Spotlight, February 13, 2019. Read “Bloom” here.

the invention of anomie

A series of correspondences between objects and ideas.

Five epistolary poems from the series published by Electric Literature in Recommended Reading’s Commuter, October 29, 2018. Read the letters here.

The Friends I Made

Short fiction/deconstructed fairy tale/chant published in Winter Tangerine’s feature, “Beyond the Breadcrumbs,” Fall 2018. Read “The Friends I Made” here.

Sight vs. Hill & Sequence vs. Screen

Two collage-poems published in Ghost Proposal, No. 9, Summer 2018. From the series "Green Light Stories." Read "Sight vs. Hill" and "Sequence vs. Screen" here. 


Round vs. Electric, Angle vs. Glass, & Satin vs. Nature

Three collage poems published in Berkeley Poetry Review, Issue 48, Spring 2018. From the series "Green Light Stories." Read "Round vs. Electric," "Angle vs. Glass, and "Satin vs. Nature" here. 


A collection of poetry and collage. See an excerpt published on So to Speak's blog here.

An excerpt was published in TAMMY Journal 8 in Spring 2018. Order a copy of TAMMY 8 here.

An excerpt was published in Posit Journal, Issue 18, Spring 2018. See "A Freckle of an Idea" and "Bird North Bird" here. 

Body & Career

Short fiction published in The Columbia Review, Volume 99, Issue 2, Spring 2018. Read "Body & Career" here. 

Beauty Regimen

A series of collage-poem/beauty-spells. Four are published in Dream Pop Journal, Spring 2018. Follow "Beauty Regimen" here. 

Sweet Potatoes

Short fiction published in The Golden Key, Issue 8: Revolutionary thingsApril 2018. Read "Sweet Potatoes" here.

Silent Music Video

Poem published in Prelude, Issue 3, April 2018. Read "Silent Music Video" here. 

S Sonnet Erasures & Rituals

Two poems published in Epigraph Magazine #17, February 2018. Read "S Sonnet Erasures" and "Rituals" here.

The Suitcase

Short fiction published in Hobart, January 18, 2018. Read "The Suitcase" here.

True Witch

Poem published in Calamity Magazine, Issue V, January 2018. Read "True Witch" here.

My Husband

Glances & ...Nanny Cam

Two poems published in Phoebe Journal, Fall 2017. Read "Glances" and "Things the Parents Saw on Their Nanny Cam" here. 

Your Baby

Poem  published in Rabbit Catastrophe Review, Summer 2017. Order a copy here. 

Prison Branding in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Nonfiction published in PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers, Issue 20: We the People, Spring 2017. Order a copy here. 

Twelve Days in a Diamond Mine

Short fiction published in Storm Cellar Quarterly. Read "Twelve Days in a Diamond Mine" here.

Dream Box: A Diagram

Lyric essay on Joseph Cornell's film Rose Hobart, published in The Vassar Review 2017: Camp & Kitsch. Order a copy of the print edition here.